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Noscura Application - Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all users of Noscura Mobile Application (“App”). We may collect certain information including but not limited to your personal information when you register and utilise our services. We take your privacy seriously. This document provides you with an insight on the information we collect from you and the purpose behind such collection. This Privacy Policy forms part of the Terms of Service and all the definitions and abbreviations used herein are the same as those mentioned in the ToS. You may stop using our services if you do not agree with our privacy policy.

  1. What do we collect?
    1. We collect only the minimum information required to provide you with our Services. Primarily the information we collect can be classified broadly in 2 ways:
      1. Voluntary Information: these are the information that is collected through your input. You are required to provide, the following information:
        1. Your full name
        2. Physical Address
        3. Mobile number/Whatsapp number
        4. Date of birth
        5. Gender
        6. Any other information required for registering with hospital information system
        7. Documents like prescription, lab results, etc., when the same is uploaded on the Noscura Application
      2. Involuntary information: Below listed information is collected by us in the background without your intervention except providing app permission when you install our App.
        1. Your location
        2. Your IP address
        3. Appointment details when you fix the appointments through the App.
        4. Access to your camera and microphone only when you avail online consultation services.
    2. You may refuse to provide any of the above information however, we shall not be able to provide you with the services in the event you fail to provide the required information.
  2. Why do we collect your information?
    1. We collect only the necessary information from you to provide you with our services. You name, phone number and age are required for identification purposes. Moreover, name, your gender and age are absolutely necessary for the Hospitals and Doctors (s) during counselling session, and for prescribing you medicines. The Lab would require your name, phone number, age, address, location details for home sample collection and providing test report. Your name, phone number, address and location details shall be used by the Pharmacy for delivering you the medicines. Your personal information like name, phone number, address and location details would be used by the Ambulance service provider for providing you, their services.
    2. Your phone number is collected so that we can provide you with notifications, reminders and other services. We may send you such information via SMS or whatsapp if your phone number is connected to whatsapp. We collect your IP address for the purpose of determining your location in order to provide you with a list of your nearest available Provider(s). We require permission to use the camera and microphone of your device (mobile phone, tablet, computer system) without which we cannot provide a video or audio consultation sessions.
    3. You may have to provide all the above details to Health Manager to avail any assistance.
    4. All your payment transaction is being carried out by third party payment aggregator. We do not collect or store your financial information, your credit card or bank details.
  3. Sharing your information
    1. We may share your information with our affiliated third-party service providers to bring the service to you. We share your contact information and prescription with Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies, Lab and Ambulance Service only for the purpose of providing you the Services. The Health Manager shall access your information for the purpose of assisting you and coordinating the services.
    2. We value your privacy and other than what is stated above, we do not share your information with any third party. However, we may be forced to share your data with law enforcement and other state/national authorities under the following circumstances:
      1. When required by a judicial or quasi judicial authorities under a warrant.
      2. When required by law enforcement authorities
      3. When required by national agencies under national/state security
      4. When determined by us that it is necessary for best interest of the country, state and or general public.
  4. Storing your information
    1. Safe storage and adequate data security is absolutely important when it comes to protecting your privacy. Our App and all its data including the data we collect from you are stored on reputed third party cloud service, which comprise of security details. Additionally, your information is also stored on whatsapp when you use the whatsapp application to send/receive prescriptions and lab results. You may view the terms and conditions and privacy policy of whatsapp at whatsapp help centre, privacy policy.
  5. Your Rights
    1. As an individual, you have the following rights:
      1. To view your personal data which has been collected by us.
      2. To modify or request us to update your data in case there is a change or the information we collected has an error.
      3. To request deletion of any or all of your data with us. However, in such case, we may not be able to provide our services to you.
    2. If you have any queries, please contact us through
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